Paint Protection

Every car should be protected!

Your car first washed and de-waxed, followed by a clay bar treatment to remove contaminants found on the paint surface prior to buffing and polishing. The exterior paint surface is buffed and polished (4 to 5 step) to remove scratches and bring the paint back to life with a high gloss finish.

Our exclusive paint protection comes from technology proven in the aerospace industry and is guaranteed to protect your cars finish for up to 5 years and keep it astonishingly clean.

Our Exclusive paint protection binds to the paints surface via a molecular adhesion process and protects your car from the harmful effects of the environment such as weather-induced fading, oxidisation, loss of gloss, bird droppings, tree sap, industrial fallout and more.

5 year warranty on new cars and 3 years on cars older than 12 months.

Also our professional level C1 Crystal Lacquer goes even beyond that, with industry leading gloss and colour UV stability, scratch and stain resistance, remarkable longevity and a hydrophobic surface. It mimics the repellency of plants that repel water and dirt in order to keep their leaves clean. The most commonly cited example in nature is the leaf of the lotus plant which if you examine under an electron microscope looks like this
In tests C1 outlasted dealer applied sealants by at least 10 times.

Save around 50% from a dealer applied C1 coating with Eco-Organic. When making an online inquiry please write 'C1' next to your first name. (e.g. John - C1)

   Small - $950
   Medium - $1300
   Large - $1700

If you have more than one car requiring C1, a discount will be offered.







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Prices may vary with car condition 

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